no longer hurts / Bad canvases…

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

I present two texts written simultaneously at a distance of 1,200 km, without being spoken between us, for to see the empathy…

Vi presento due testi scritti simultaneamente a distanza di 1200 km, senza esserci parlati tra noi, per farvi vedere l’empatia…

Vă prezint doua texte scrise simultan la distanță de 1200 de km, fără a ne fi vorbit între noi, să observați empatia…

no longer hurts (text by Anca Potinteu)

The freedom to be ourselves costing us
Said the Marquis, with an equal voice
This is why God invented the rain
a huge tear that washes the makeup of the world
Without the mirrors we would know when we are us or
when we revolve cumbersome and slightly bent into the vast darkness from each?
I believe that happiness is an invention and love is a mask
a syringe with anesthetic for not…

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