Something named “worry”



Well, let me introduce you to my “something”. It’s named “Worry”. Earlier, it’s become my intense acompany for no reason. Dunno how!

It’s my job to find the reason was. And sometimes, it bothered me so much. Otherwise, it was being one more prove that I am alive.

I need to be worry sometimes. It’s just like an alarm of my life, should I go ahead, take steps back, or move aside. Yeah, it’s a nature-larm.

Anyhow, I always have a great way to praised. I am worry, but I don’t need to be worry for so long. I have lots of people in circumstances that will always be there for me.  Not fully for me actually, but at least be still for me when I need them. Need to be psycologicaly “slapped”, for example.

I have one new bestfriend lately. We’ve knewn each other in more and less 2 month. Yeah, he’s my best friend, whoever he is, whereever he was, whatever his circumstances are. He is my best friend in my proudly admit. I need his honesty to kept me on my track.

His simple words is just “you should worry about yourself”. What a slapped!

You should worry about yourself. Such a bittersweet statement. Somehow it’s feels so much twinge, yet somehow it drives you to ask “do yourself really need to be worry and…be worried? Is my worrying realistic or unrealistic? Is my worrying likely to be productive or non-productive? Am I really doing a rain dance by thinking I can magically influence external events? Am I continuing to worry mainly because I don’t want to be viewed as someone who doesn’t care? If so, can I separate caring about someone from feeling compelled to worry about them? Am I worrying about something that could be resolved with effective action? Am I worrying about something that I don’t know enough about to resolve myself? If so, why am I not asking others for help? Am I worrying because I trusted myself to handle something I really am not experienced enough to handle?”

Well, after so much contemplating-like act. there I found questions that u must asked to convince yourself, to worry/not to worry, to be worried/not to be worried.

Altough in the end he said something relief (for a friend being), after I became sulky on him “you never worry about me”.

He replied “that’s not necessary true. I’m just thinking that you’re doing fine”.


I will, bro. I will.


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