The Second letters for bule (Big heart man, Dylan)

I always remember the way you smile, chuckling and gigling :D

I always remember the way you smile, chuckling and gigling 😀

Hey you, my big heart man. You know,  I believe that you really have heart, even that you said that you never had one. I am truly believe that you have, you just don’t realize that your heart is a heart. If isn’t, how could you survive these long years? You have a heart. A big one. Big enough, so that I can fit there hahaa.

How are you doing? Poland treat you nicely yeah.

It’s is kind of awkward feeling that after more and less two months ago we met, then we met again, then we talked, and talked again until now. We got along so nicely. That was impressed me, either surprissed me alot. I have you, as my friends. Even more! Never thought before.

How could you? Those honesty, almost radically honesty! The special thing I saw on you, unless your different handsomeness off course (Dont get too high bout this state!).  You’re seem not need to disguise anything to me. Well, ignore my ablity to read you. Not only because you are my favourite book (as you claimed), but I nearly don’t have to read you since you are have such honesty. I only need to be brave enough to ask.

Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for wellcoming me into your life. Thank you for let me to took a part of your colour-rising life. As much as I talk to you, that is as much as you are mean so much to me…


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