The second letter for the bule (Ps: Tommy PM)

I don't know why I picked this pic, I thought it's just describe you

I don’t know why I picked this pic, I thought it’s just describe you

Hy, Tom. How are you? Seems that you’re really enjoying your vocation, I heard u were just arrived at ittacha. This is my second letters for you, thanks a lot for becoming a parts of much things that trained my brain well. U’ve ever asked me before, why did I got so smart? In honest, I never think that I am smart. That’s all. Then, all off sudden I asked “why did you said that I am so smart?”. Since I always thought that my brain was not “enough”! Hahaa… May be that’s the only reason why I train my brain. Well I think that’s rhyme. Train my brain. Gotcha! Talked with you make me always think twice. First, I need to think about what should I talk either to explain. And the second, is the hardest part. How to told you. In english! I remember two questions that you ever asked. Which were never had and answer yet, that were just cut by anythings we did. And just, may be you’ve forgot bout that. But sorry, it’s my habbit. Those questions just lefts in my mind. And my brain, still running until I found the answer. At least, for myself, that’s just a reliefless thing. Wheter it’s right or hang. And the questions are : 1. What do you think about having a family (child)? *or something like that* 2. The differences perception about gennie in america and Indonesia (Islam) *or something like that* I won’t try to explain, I just want to try to tell you what I am thinking about, cause may be it’s not an answer. Well ,at least I was proved myself that I tried to think. It’s hard, tom! Hahaa… My thought on the first question: Having a family provide much aspects fullfilled in mylife. First, for my faith and religion consideration. Marry is one of lots of sunnah from the prophet Muhammad. It’s deed. And also gathered another spreaded deed. And it will please me much. I am happy. I have my own kind of dignity, my own kind of modesty, my on kind of independency.

I think, I don’t need to be more happy than being like this. But, apparently, I think I need to be differently happy.

I’ve told you before, that having child just like an investment (Words was failed me, Investation?! What the wrong end of the stick, I really messed up! Haha…). I think you can get it easy as ABC. Investment. Yeah, I have dreams for my future. I have dreams for my circumtances. I have dreams for my socials. I have dreams for my country.

A man can leads peoples. But a woman can hold a man who leads people!

And I think at this point, my brain- eye-tounge-foot-chest-hand-tear-sweat-plasma-etc were needed. I don’t need to lead people, but I need to raise amount of great quality kids that will become leader. At this kind of act, I’ll take my part to heal the world. I think. My thought on the second question : It’s simple. American only take the famous faculty of the genie ablity. Grant wish. Otherwise, we have one in common, genie is a magical creature. The French translators of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights used genie as a translation of (jinnī) because it was similar to the Arabic word in sound and in meaning. You can read it more brightly here.

I wish I dont talk too much. I dont know your email, so I post this “the second letter to bule” on blog. Thanks to you, just because of your question, I need to think again and again. Searching again and again, and I think it pleased me. Send my regards to your warm family.. See you in another letter, if may!


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